International Herbal Water

Bottled Water Industry is goingthrough a rough phase now. The manufacturers in this industry had to toil withunprecedented regulatory constraints, shrinking profits, increasing operationalcost, ever growing competition etc. Truly this industry is shaken to its roots.We understood that this industry right now requires focused, but collectiveefforts to stop the slide and to bring in stability & growth.

 Thus, we have formedINTERNATIONAL HERBAL WATER FOUNDATION (IHWF). We have been functioning for thepast two years. The Foundation is committed to maintaining highest ethicalstandards and fair trade practices in the Bottled Water Industry. Wehave member in all over India, Processor associated with our foundation till date.The number is growing every month.


 We have submitted a proposaland are in the verge of getting approval from the Ministry

of Health & Family Welfare,Government of India to introduce new varieties of flavoured

 water under PFA Rules 1955.


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