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Value-added enhanced Bottled Water with Flavor, Vitamins, and Minerals, Flavoured water is not new to India and world. We have historical evidences that kings drank water with added herbs Flavor, Vitamins, and Minerals, to stay healthy and glowing.

Since time immemorial India had popular flavor to add in water to consume daily for health benefit like  vettiver, brahmi, ginger, licorice, cummi, tulsi, cardomum, clove, cinnamon etc., were used to be value-added enhanced for taste in water.

This has been in vogue in many parts of India other countries even today In Lebanon aromatic water, water enriched with plant extracts is commonly used in day-to-day life among families. In Kerala, in most of the house and hotels Pathimukham water is being served even today in eateries. Hence adding flavors to drinking water is not new to the world.

Despite the steep increase in consumption and demand, purified water industry is not growing as quickly as it potentially can. Water processing units had to manage mounting operational cost, unprecedented competition from unauthorised players, stiff competition from purification gadgets and pressing regulatory constraints. Flavoured water comes as a blessing in disguise. It is the much needed diversification that water processing units are eagerly waiting for. It is the ready-to-grab option that they can explore and prosper. 

When Consumer paying money they need more New technology in purification and Value product not ordinary water. As a result improved taste and Value-added Bottled Water with Flavor, Vitamins, and Minerals have become necessary for the money paid by the consumer.

However commercial production and sale of flavoured water is not as widespread in India as it is found in other parts of the world. Regulatory constraints and lack of standard prevents commercialisation of flavoured water in India as on date.

International Herbal Water Foundation (IHWF), a Chennai based foundation under the leadership of Mr. Navill H Motha (President) has been actively promoting to bring out Value-added enhanced Bottled Water with Flavor, Flavoured Water. The foundation has been working as a self-regulating body to ensure uniform standard, operational procedures,ethical business practices are adopted throughout the country by Value-added enhanced Bottled Water flavoured water business units.

IHWF has been working closely with FSSAI (Food Safety Standards and Authority of India) to ensure a standard is created for Flavoured Water and opening up of a new industry with wide ranging business and employment opportunities. 

IHWF have submitted in 2008 a proposal and are in the verge of getting approval from the Ministry of Health& Family Welfare, Government of India to introduce new varieties of Value-added enhanced Bottled Water

For the consumers, flavoured water is a traditional product category that is scientifically developed to suit present day needs of quenching thirst without having to worry about consuming excess preservatives, unwanted gas, sweeteners etc,. Flavoured water also encourages consumers to drink more quantity of water which in turn will make them remain free from dehydration.

Currently 500 Value-added enhanced Bottled Water with approved Flavor for Flavoured water, manufacturers across the country are associated with IHWF and are actively following production standards, operational procedures, hygiene conditions and ethical ways of doing business prescribed by IHWF

Flavoured water is delightfully refreshing, mellow yet aromatic that is 100% good for human consumption. This formula gives the product minute traces of flavor and keeps it at zero calories, making it a unique beverage for the calorie-conscious consumer. Value-added enhanced Bottled Water with Flavor, Vitamins, and Minerals, Flavoured water, processed water meets Acceptable Limit of 2.10.8 PDW of FSSR 2011, IS:10500, WHO Guideline, EU, IS: 14543, US-NPDWR

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